[Templates] utf8 problem

Oleg Burlaca Oleg Burlaca <oburlaca@dnt.md>
Tue, 5 Jul 2005 00:00:01 +0300

Today I encountered a similar problem described by Pronichev Alexander at 28 June 2005:

My templates are utf-8.
When I use XML::Simple to parse a utf-8 string and display its contents, all unicode chars are
transformed by IE into unreadable strings. This happens even if the data from xml contains only ASCII

I had Perl 5.8.0. When I uploaded the project to another server with 5.8.2 everything was OK !!!.
I've downloaded and installed 5.8.7 today on the machine with 5.8.0. Recompiled httpd_perl (apache _ mod_perl)
But the problem was not solved :(

Maybe someone knows where the shoe pinches ?!

Oleg Burlaca