[Templates] Problem with one test on install

John Day johnday@wordsnimages.com
Tue, 25 Nov 2003 14:36:02 -0500

At 09:28 AM 11/25/2003 -0500, darren chamberlain wrote:
>* John Day <johnday at wordsnimages.com> [2003/11/25 14:09]:
>> I am brand new to TT, I have read the documentation many times and
>> decided to install it along with Class::DBI to do some testing and
>> bench marking. That would be great, IF I COULD GET IT TO INSTALL. The
>> problem doesn't seem serious, but I am not a sysadmin so I don't even
>> know how to force an install!!
>The autoform tests are known to fail with 5.8.x+ Perls.  You can install
>anyway: the failing test is only in the test for the autoform plugin.
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I have just run the install and I will see what happens!